Real Testimonials from Real Customers

"I wasn't really worried about my weight as much as being concern about my health. I dealt with chronic constipation and felt sick after I ate, no matter what I ate. Also I itched a lot and didn't understand why. So I went on the internet to see if I could find some answers. Im not one for taking different medicines. Im interested in natural products that's not processed. I had been on Miralax for about a year, knowing this was not good for me. My weight was getting out of control. I was bloated and it was getting worse. I had allergies and was feeling tired all the time. I learned on the internet that I needed a good cleansing. But you can't cleanse if you are dealing with chronic constipation. The IASO tea was introduced to me and I CAN'T BELIEVE THE RESULTS. I don't use the miralax anymore, I'm using the bathroom regularly and as an added bonus, I HAVE LOST 15 POUNDS.

 "My own personal experience with Iaso tea is really unbelievable. I feel much younger and my health and vitality has improved drastically. I no longer have any appearance of wrinkles on my squeezed face which were beginning to show as a result of inadequate rest and busy lifestyle. "

" 2017 was my year because I lost 106 pounds in 6 months by using IASO TEA, NUTRA BURST & RESOLUTION DROPS! I lost 50 pounds in 2 months without exercising at all but after 50 pounds lost I did join a gym and started working out. Neuropathy in my hands, sleep apnea, insomnia, heart troubles, headaches, chronic pain throughout my whole body, severe Back problems, dizziness and restless leg syndrome all went away after the first 2 months of being on my TLC products! Thanks TLC for completely changing my life and giving me my health back! Now I can LIVE LIFE!

" My husband and I started using the NRG, We like the Way We feel through out the day, no Joke. I need that natural Energy, it help us through a long day of work. I highly recommend it.

" I lost 10 dress sizes in 6months from The Iaso detox tea and Nutraburst. NOW I'm feeling like a new lady. "