5 Common Spices You Have in Your Kitchen that Reduce Pain

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Many people have conditions or situations that cause some type of chronic pain. Although you might first want to grab some pain medication, it isn’t always the best solution. Prescription and over the counter drugs can be habit forming and expensive, and they aren’t ideal for long term use.

However, there are some spices that you probably already have in your kitchen that can help to reduce some of your pain.

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1.     Ginger

This tasty root is famous for being an excellent ingredient in cookies and Asian dishes, but it’s also been found to have useful anti-inflammatory properties. In a research study, ginger has been found to assist chronic migraine sufferers. Another benefit of taking ginger is that it does not have any side effects like prescription painkillers.

2.     Nutmeg

Nutmeg has always been used in traditional Chinese medicine, the use of nutmeg is well known for being able to fight inflammation of the joints. It can be ingested in the form of teas and placed in food for desired effect. It is also known to reduce abdominal aches and pains.

3.     Cloves

Cloves are not only known for their strong odor and distinctive taste, but also for their use in home remedies. Cloves contain eugenol, which has been found to reduce pain  when used topically. Mixing ground cloves and water is a simple but effective remedy for tooth and gum pain.  

4.     Fennel

Fennel has been used for thousands of years to help with digestion issues, and stop painful bloating, but one of the other amazing things about fennel, is its ability to help soothe muscle pain. This is caused by its tendency to relax muscles, and has been associated with relief from menstrual pain in women. Fennel is also high in some of the most important dietary minerals iron, manganese, magnesium, and calcium.

5.     Jamaican Allspice

This interesting spice with a deceptive name comes from the Jamaican bayberry tree. It is in the top 10 most anti-inflammatory spices. It can be used both internally and topically for pains.

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