5 Tips to Stop Emotional Eating

Tips to put a stop to emotional eating.

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Do you always emotionally eat? Learn more about what is emotional eating disorder.


But how can you stop emotional eating? Here are five tips to end emotional eating and take control of your diet.


1.     Keep an eating journal

One way to stop emotional eating is to keep a daily eating journal. It doesn’t have to be a formal journal, it can even be notes of what you ate during the day. Write down all of the food and drinks that you have for a week and the times of day that you ate the food. This will help you stay in tune with your daily diet.

2.     Review your food notes

Each day review your notes and think about why you were eating certain foods. Think about:

  • Were you hungry?
  • Were you with friends, family, or alone while you were eating?
  • How did you feel before you ate? Happy, sad, excited, etc?

3.     Take action on your notes

After you have reviewed your food journal, you might find certain events that trigger the reason why you are eating.

Then think about ways to better your action.

For example, if you always eat at a certain time of the day, switch that meal for a healthier snack.

4.     Lower your stress levels

If you eat because you are stressful, then think of ways that you can lower your stress levels. Quick exercise and deep breathing techniques can help you to lower stress.

5.     Fix your emotional issues

If you recognize an issue that makes you continue to emotional eat, then you need to address that issue.


Why is it important to stop emotional eating?

Emotional eating is important to stop because it prevents you from having the body you deserve.

Recognize why you are emotional eating and use these tips to stop the problem in its tracks.


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