10 hair growth tips for black women

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It is easier than you think to make your hair grow faster.
Here are ten hair growth tips for African American women to grow their hair healthy and long.

1. Drink lots of water

Water is not just good for your overall nutrition, but vital to your hair growth journey. Aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. I drink a gallon a day and I have definitely noticed the sheen of my hair improve.

2. Have a good diet.

Diet is important to improve your all natural hair growth. If you drink a lot of sodas and eat fast food, you might want to drink an all-natural detox tea to remove those toxins from your body.

3. Take your vitamins.

I take a liquid multivitamin daily, Nutraburst, that has the same vitamin and mineral content as eating 10 salads. Nutraburst is great because it is a liquid multivitamin for women (and men), so no big pills to swallow.

4. Moisturize your hair, but don’t over-do it.

Dry hair equals hair that is easy to break and fall off. I spray my hair daily with water to make sure that it is moisturized. I also like to use a leave-in moisturizer as well.

5. Take a natural hair supplement.

In addition to my liquid multivitamin, I also take HSN (hair, skin, and nail) vitamins. I am skeptical of most hair vitamins since they are prone to break you out, however I have never had any problems with my HSN.

HSN contains 5,000mcg of Biotin which is more than most brands of hair vitamins. Just by taking HSN vitamins, it helps to make my hair grow faster. My personal results in my natural hair growth journey with HSN is that I have gotten as much as 2 inches per month.

6. Protect those ends and edges.

One of my go to styles are braids and buns, however it is important to protect my ends and edges. Iaso oil is also a good oil treatment for hair since you can use it in multiple ways.

I use Iaso oil for my edges, and crown especially when my hair is braided. If I am wearing a bun or twists, I will oil the ends of my hair with Iaso Oil so they are not breaking off.

Iaso oil is made from 100% Emu oil which helps to stimulate hair growth.

7. Nightly Scalp Massage

One part of my natural hair regimen is to do a nightly scalp massage for natural hair growth. It is so easy to create an essential oil mix to massage your hair. I use jojoba oil, lavender, and my Iaso oil to keep my scalp healthy. It is very important to maintain your scalp in order to maximize hair growth.

8. Switch up the Styles

Don’t get caught up in the same everyday bun! You do not want your hair to break off because you are positioning your hair in the same way. Also make sure that your buns and ponytails are not tight, since that also contributes to breakage. Be mindful of your crown area as well, as it is most vulnerable to breakage from ponytails and buns.

9. Get Regular Trims

Trims are vital to hair growth. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long if it is unhealthy. Make sure that you are either trimming your own hair, or you find someone you trust to give yourself a regular trim. I don’t trim on any particular schedule, just whenever I feel I need one.

10. Be Patient

All hair grows, so be patient! It may take some time but your hair will grow using these hair tips for natural hair growth.

What other tips do you have to grow your natural hair? Leave a comment and let me know below!