10 Natural Energy Boosters You Must Try

As a mom of 4 children under 8, I know about being tired, sluggish, and just not having enough energy. It’s hard to do so much during the day and still have time for yourself at night. I try to follow a few of these tips to get natural energy to power through my day.

I love all of these natural energy boosters! These natural energy tips are great for me to get through my day! #10 is my the best natural energy pill for women.

I love all of these natural energy boosters! These natural energy tips are great for me to get through my day! #10 is my the best natural energy pill for women.

Here are 10 natural energy boosters to help you stay sane during the day:

1.      Eggs

Eggs give you a natural energy boost, so they are a great way to start the morning. I usually eat a scrambled egg in the morning to start my day.

2.      Oatmeal

Eat a small bowl of oatmeal with your eggs to give yourself more energy.

3.      Almonds (or other nuts)

A handful almonds are not only a healthy snack, but are also a quick way to give you energy. Nuts contain nutrients that help to boost your energy quickly.

4.      Bananas

Bananas contain helpful nutrients that will give you a burst of energy. Eat a banana to improve your mood and boost your energy.

5.      Eat Energy Bites

Make a large batch of energy bites. This is one of my favorite no-bake energy bite recipes. With only a few calories, it is an easy snack when you need a boost.

6.      Drink Water

Drinking water is vital to making sure you have enough energy to get through the day. Aim for at least one gallon of water a day. Drinking water also helps to curb your appetite, so if you feel as though you are hungry, drink a large glass of water.

7.      Get some fresh air

Take a moment to go outside and get a fresh air. If you aren’t going anywhere, at least open the windows in your home. The fresh air will be an invigorating and peaceful change from the air conditioner.

8.      Take a shower

If you can, take a quick shower. This will help wake you up and help you complete the day.

9.      Lower your caffeine intake

Try to drink your last cup of coffee early enough in the day so that it will be out of your system by the time you go to sleep. Caffeine stays in your body for a few hours, and if you have a hard time going to sleep at night, you will be more likely to be dragging the next day.

10.   Take a natural supplement

If you need to take an energy supplement, make sure it is all-natural. Many of the energy supplements are loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories. NRG is an-all natural, energy supplement. NRG is also an appetite suppressant, so it helps you lose weight while providing you with energy to get through your day.

Try NRG today!


Try these natural energy booster tips today and watch your energy improve!

What other ways do you like to boost your energy and get through the day? Leave a comment below!

5 Hacks to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

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Wow, I love these hacks to lose five pounds in five days without exercise! This will help me lose weight quick!


1.      Drink Water- a lot!

If you want to lose weight fast, you should drink at least 1 gallon of water a day. Water helps you lose weight quickly, and tricks your body into thinking that you are full. You should also drink water at certain times to maximize its effectiveness.

2.      Eat Cabbage Soup.

Cabbage soup is a great way to lose weight quickly. Here’s a quick and easy cabbage soup recipe that I love to use. Try not to add too much salt to your soup either for maximum effectiveness.

Here’s a tasty and delicious Cabbage Soup recipe that you can make.

3.      Stop drinking juices and sodas.

Cut the extra calories out by only drinking water. I know it’s hard to stop drinking juice and soda, but they also have a lot of extra calories you don’t need when you are trying to lose weight.

4.      Eat whole, unprocessed foods.

Don’t eat any packaged foods which always contain a lot of calories and fat. Eat fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains instead.

5.      Drink a detox tea.

Iaso tea is an all-natural, organic, herbal detox tea that cleases your body and helps you lose weight. You can lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days just by drinking 2 glasses of tea a day. It also comes in an instant formula, where you just add it to your bottled water and go. The original formula is simple to make as well. Whichever Iaso tea you choose, you will be able to see the results if you are consistent.


Grab a 1 Month Supply

So what else will you do to lose 5 pounds in 5 days? Leave a comment below.


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Best at Home Workout Equipment to Lose Weight

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Wow these are great at home workout tips that only use workout equipment for home! This will help me lose weight in a week!

Wow these are great at home workout tips that only use workout equipment for home! This will help me lose weight in a week!


Working at home can be difficult if you don’t have the equipment that you need or even know what to do with it. Many people don’t know what’s the best and most effective workout equipment for home actually is. Honestly, you don’t need to have a home gym in order to workout at home. You can actually get by with a few pieces of workout equipment and still achieve your weight loss goals at home.

Here is a list of three pieces of workout equipment that you can use to start your weight loss at home today.

1.     Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are good for home workouts because they offer numerous ways to workout different parts of your body. Using resistance bands you can decide what body part to target including biceps, triceps, chest, upper/lower back, abs/core, and legs. Resistance bands are a great way to improve your health and wellness by exercising in the comfort of your own home.


2.     Toning Loops

Toning loops are good to help tighten those common, flabby areas of the body such as the arms, abs, and legs. With toning loops, your at home workouts will be much easier to complete. Plus toning loops makes it easy to have a short but effective workout at home.


3.     Fitness Ball

Fitness balls can be used for a variety of exercises at home. Many people like to use fitness balls for strengthening their abs, core, and lower back muscles. Fitness balls are also great at home workout equipment that can be used for stability, weight training, and ab exercises. Since fitness balls use many muscles at once, it makes it easy to get an at home workout because by using a fitness ball you will be working your entire body.


All of these items can be purchased separately, however I chose to get a deal and buy them together in this special bundle. The resistance bands, toning loops, and fitness ball all come included in a Gym Bag special.

This Gym Bag special includes the following:

  • Fitness ball and pump
  • 5 Resistance bands
  • 5 Toning loops
  • Door attachment
  • Durable travel bag
  • Online instructional videos

Not only is it a cheaper option, but it also includes a travel bag for workouts when you are traveling, and a door attachment. The Gym Bag also includes a pump for your fitness ball as well.

The best part of this Gym Bag is that it includes access to online workout videos. With over 112 workout videos, it will make it easy to workout and lose weight at home. Unlike other workout videos, these at home workout videos will explain exactly how to use each piece of equipment in the Gym Bag. Each workout video demonstrates a specific exercise that can be done at home with the workout equipment to achieve your weight loss goals.

These online workout videos will help you get the most of your equipment.

Go here to purchase the Gym Bag today. Click on Kits and Packs, and you will see the TLC Gym Bag towards the bottom.

7 Ways to Have Younger Looking Skin

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Everyone wants to look young for as long as possible. In order to continue to have younger looking skin, we have to take care of it.

Since the skin is our body’s largest organ, it is most vulnerable since it is always exposed to all of the natural elements. Although the aging process starts on the inside, we want to slow down the look of aging on the outside.

Here are some tips to help keep your skin looking younger.

1.     Don’t smoke-and if you do try to quit.

We already know how bad cigarettes are. Cigarettes contain over four thousand harmful chemicals. Some of these chemicals cause premature skin aging, and can cause wrinkles.

Smoking causes wrinkles due to the way your mouth gets shaped when you inhale and puff on the cigarettes. These wrinkles then appear all over your face.

Cigarettes contain nicotine which causes the blood vessels in your face to contract and become distorted. Your skin gets less oxygen and other nutrients that it needs and then begins to look bad.

Not only will quitting smoking help stop premature aging, but it will also be better for your lungs and other organs as well.

2.     Use natural oils

Natural oils are great to improve the look and appearance of our skin. Two oils to use are emu oil and coconut oil.

Emu oil has been used for centuries and is well-known for its healing properties that stimulate skin cell regeneration. Emu oil also helps the skin to heal itself.

Coconut oil is a natural exfoliant and a great moisturizer for skin. Both emu oil and coconut oil can be used all over the body to help to make skin look younger.

Not all emu oil is the same. Be sure to purchase certified, 100% emu oil from a reputable company. Always use organic, high-quality coconut oil to get the best results.

Be sure to see organic, high-quality coconut oil that has not been hydrogenated or further processed. 

3.     Use sunscreen and skin protection.

Even if you think that you look better with the color you get from a tan, in reality a tan is a sign of skin damage. This skin damage over time not only will give you wrinkles, but can also cause cancer.

If you have fair skin, always use sunscreen to help prevent the aging of your skin.  Choose sunscreen with an SPF of 15-30, and one that also contains both UVA and UVB protection. 

Also wear sunglasses when going out in the sun to avoid squinting and developing wrinkles around your eyes. Wear hats that cover your face and neck from the sun to protect them when going out as well.

4.     Exfoliate.

Exfoliating your skin is when you remove the top dead skin cells, in order to remove the dull looking skin. Another benefit of exfoliating is that it reduces fine lines, and helps improve the performance of your other skincare products.

Aim to exfoliate no more than twice a week. Always use gentle scrubs so that you don’t irritate your skin.

5.     Choose the proper skincare products.

In order to have healthy skin, choose the proper skincare products for your skin. Look for skincare products that contain important antioxidants such as Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which all help fight the signs of aging. 

Envidia is a high quality skincare product that helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and can help to make your skin appear younger.

6.     Reduce stress.

Stress is harmful to your body in so many ways.  It can be damaging to your heart and blood vessels.  It is also damaging to your skin.  That is why it is important to find ways to reduce your stress, and keep it under control.

7. Take collagen.

Our skin needs collagen in order to improve its elasticity, and it also helps strengthen our skin. Collagen supplements can be used in order to increase the levels of collagen in your body.

Iaso® Pro Shot drink is designed to safely and effectively increase your body’s collagen level with a high-quality hydrolysate protein.  The formula in Iaso Pro Shot is specially designed to promote the healthy appearance of your hair, nails, and skin.

These are the seven tips that you can follow to help you have younger looking skin. Since our skin is a major organ, it is important to take care of it so that it will always stay looking young.

The Best Body Wrap for Weight Loss and Detox

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This body wrap for weight loss is amazing! It helps you lose weight in a week and have a flat belly. I love my before and after results from using this body wrap!

Do you want to get rid of the belly fat and tone your tummy? Try the best body wrap for weight loss and detox, SlimR Body Sculpting and Skin Repair Cream and Wrap.

The SlimR Wrap can be worn overnight for the best toning, firming, and skin-tightening results. The SlimR Body Sculpting and Skin Repair Cream helps to promote a beautiful and healthy shape.

In order to have the best results follow the steps below:

1.      Increase your water intake daily

2.      Follow a healthy diet

3.      Use Iaso Tea to help detox your intestines

Try the SlimR Body Sculpting and Skin Repair Cream and Wrap today!

The Best Vitamins for Hair Growth

Are you looking to grow your hair? With so many choices, what are the best vitamins for hair growth for African-American hair?

There are three things that I use to grow my hair; Emu Oil, Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins, and Nutraburst. Each vitamin or oil is used for a specific reason.

Emu Oil

Emu Oil is great to help grow your edges and thicken your hair. Emu oil also has benefits for your skin as well.

How to apply:

Moisturize your hair nightly. Then seal the ends with Emu oil. Follow up by applying Emu oil to struggle areas such as edges and the crown.

HSN Vitamins

To have longer, thicker hair try Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins.
TLC’s HSN Vitamins are unique because they have more Biotin than other hair vitamins on the market. Biotin is a key vitamin that is needed to help grow hair, long nails, and have good skin.

HSN Vitamins include:

  • Vitamin A which helps to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots, and smooth skin.
  • Vitamin C which helps protect the immune system.
  • Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus from food.
  • Vitamin E helps to make hair and nails stronger, and help the body maintain a strong immune system.
  • Vitamin B1 which helps the growth, development, and function of cells.

All of these vitamins make HSN Vitamins a good choice for faster hair growth. One bottle of HSN contains 60 capsules and is a one month supply.

The last vitamin that I take is Nutraburst. Nutraburst is a liquid multivitamin that provides all of the vitamins and minerals you need daily. Another benefit of Nutraburst is that since it is liquid, it absorbs into the bloodstream faster.

Nutraburst includes 72 minerals, 10 Vitamins, 22 Phytonutrients, 19 Amino Acids, 13 Whole Food Greens, and 12 Herbs. Nutraburst is also safe for the whole family to use.

I also like taking Nutraburst because I don’t have to swallow too many pills.

Use emu oil, HSN Vitamins, and Nutraburst to have faster hair growth. Try for yourself and see the results.

6 Chaga Mushoom Benefits That Will Amaze You

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Chaga mushroom has so many benefits!

Chaga mushroom has so many benefits!


Have you heard about the Chaga mushroom? Chaga mushroom, also called Inonotus Obliquus, is a mushroom that typically grows on birch trees in colder climates across the Northern Hemisphere. The Chaga mushroom from Total Life Changes comes from the forest of Siberia.

Chaga has been used in many countries such as Russia, Japan, Korea, and Russia where villagers are known for living for a long time.

Here are the top 6 Chaga Mushroom Benefits:

1.      Support Immune System

Chaga has been known to help support the immune system.

2.      Ulcers and Gastritis

Chaga has been shown to help relieve pain from ulcers and gastritis.

3.      Regulate Blood Pressure

Chaga can help lower blood pressure.

4.      Lower Cholesterol

Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Research has shown that Chaga can help lower cholesterol and get it back to healthy levels.

5.      Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients

Studies have shown that Chaga has been shown to inhibit the growth of tumors.

6.      Anti-Aging Benefits

Chaga provides cells with more antioxidants which may help to slow down the aging process.


TLC is the only network marketing company to carry 100% Siberian Chaga. Look up the research yourself about the benefits of the Chaga Mushroom. Try Chaga today and see what Chaga Mushroom benefits you will have!